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Cyber attacks may sound like the stuff of spy fiction, but they are very real; just ask executives at Target, Sony and Yahoo. Another stark reality is that they don’t just afflict mega-corporations; they could happen to you. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect the business you have worked so hard to build.

Scope Out the Battlefield

The best way to guard against danger is to understand your enemy as well as your own vulnerabilities. When it comes to cyber security, that means getting a handle on the types of scams and fraud that are most common these days. Spend time focusing on your particular type of business to see where your company is most susceptible. Once you have pinpointed your weaknesses, work to strengthen your fortress, enlisting help if necessary.

Set Clear Protocols

Now that you know your vulnerabilities, put policies in place to minimize the threat. Once you do, get 100 percent buy-in from your employees. After all, they are the gate-keepers, the first line of defense against data breaches, hacking and fraud. An important first step is to ensure that all passwords are unique and complex and that confidentiality is maintained.

Let Your Software Work For You

It is vital that you purchase topnotch antivirus and security software to protect your systems from harm. Take steps to ensure that your software is always updated to the most recent release. In addition, spend some time periodically reviewing software publications or podcasts to make sure that you have a state-of-the-art package that addresses current security concerns. What was first-class three years ago may now be obsolete.

If the Worst Happens

No matter how hard you work to safeguard your company against nefarious activity, criminals are relentless and have been known to breach even the most seemingly foolproof systems. For that reason, you also need to protect yourself against the consequences of a cyber attack by obtaining comprehensive insurance coverage for your company.

Fortunately, affordable business insurance is available from numerous, well-respected sources. Talk to your current broker to ascertain if he or she has a package available that will address all of your security needs.

When you leave your place of business each night, you take the time to lock all your doors and probably set your burglar alarm. Use the same caution when it comes to protecting yourself against data breaches, hacks and other cyber crimes. By doing so, you will exponentially increase the safety and longevity of your enterprise.

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