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Nesmetaju LLC is not a broker and does not make insurance or credit decisions. Nesmetaju LLC provides a matching service only and is not acting as a representative, agent, or correspondent for any service provider or broker. Nesmetaju LLC does not endorse any particular service provider, broker, or insurance product. You are under no obligation to use Nesmetaju LLC ’s service to initiate contact, nor apply for credit or any insurance product with any service provider or broker. This service is not available in all states.

Consumers submitting an application for an insurance at Nesmetaju LLC incur no cost. Nesmetaju LLC does not provide services directly to consumers. Based on the application consumers submit, Nesmetaju LLC searches its database housing its vast network of reliable brokers to pair consumers with the broker and insurance ideally suited to their needs.

All fees and rate information will be disclosed to consumers by their broker at the time of approval. Upon conclusion of the search and application approval, you will be redirected to an e-signature page provided to you by the broker to which you were matched. This document will contain all fees and rate information pertaining to the insurance being offered by a broker from the Nesmetaju LLC network. Consumers are required to review the fee and rate information provided by their broker at this time thoroughly and completely before agreeing to the terms of the insurance. Consumers are under no obligation to accept these terms.

If the consumer decides the insurance terms detailed in the broker contract are acceptable and wishes to proceed with the insurance process, consumer may append an e-signature to the page. Once the consumer enters into a legally binding contract with the broker, consumer assumes all costs and risks associated with the contract. At that point, the consumer is obligated solely to the broker and is never at any point obligated to Nesmetaju LLC. The insurance fees and interest rates are determined solely by the broker to which the consumer is matched, with specific amounts determined based upon the application information submitted. Nesmetaju LLC has no bearing on the determination of these fee amounts and interest rates.

Consumers are encouraged to consult our Rates and Fees page to learn more about the risks involved with insurances, local laws and regulations governing insurances, possible insurance alternatives and recent developments in their state.

The states this website services may change from time to time and without notice. All aspects and transactions on this site will be deemed to have taken place in the state of California, regardless of where you may be accessing this site. Nesmetaju LLC does not guarantee that completing an application form will result in you being matched with a service provider or broker, being offered an insurance product with satisfactory rates or terms, nor receiving an insurance from a service provider or broker. Nesmetaju LLC specifically does not offer or solicit insurances in Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, or Ohio. You will not be charged any fees to use Nesmetaju LLC ’s service.