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Now that you have launched your home-based business, you might be finding that one of the very qualities that made leaving the commuting rat race compelling actually has some drawbacks.

If you are missing the camaraderie of colleagues and feeling a little bit claustrophobic in your home office, don’t be discouraged. There are solutions.

Maintain a Structured Work Schedule

Proponents of working at home often boast about carrying out their job duties in their pajamas or at all hours of the day and night. The problem is that if you aren’t careful, you will never escape from your office.

Setting a schedule with clear job hours will help you and your family know when you cannot be disturbed and when, by the same token, you can join in on non-work activities. Although you might still spend a good deal of job time alone, you will be able to plan for social interactions when you are off your self-imposed clock.


You aren’t the only one who has chosen to run your business from your house. Therefore, it’s a safe bet that other entrepreneurs are feeling the same loneliness. A local Google search might yield information about networking groups that are already in place, or you might join an organization such as the Chamber of Commerce in your town or city.

By linking up with other home-based business owners, you can learn vital tips about important matters such as home business insurance, the best accounting software, how to get discounted office supplies and information about how to be prepared when tax time comes. Even having a virtual cup of coffee during a Skype break can give you that human contact you’re craving.

Learn and Socialize

Have you ever considered taking a class? By doing so, you will be automatically exposed to several potential friends and contacts. Best of all, you don’t even need to feel guilty since you will be gaining knowledge that you can use for your personal or professional development.

Don’t let solitude and isolation interfere with your emotional well-being and your ability to make your business succeed. Taking care of yourself and recognizing that this is an issue that needs to be addressed head-on are two of the best ways to ensure that your work, family and social lives are balanced. Take steps to minimize your isolation today, and you will be much healthier and happier tomorrow.

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