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Sure, insurance protects you against loss, theft, the ravages of natural disaster and injuries to your workers that happen on the job, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. You will probably be amazed and surprised to learn about some of the off-the-wall policies that you can purchase from legitimate companies.

Fantasy Sports are No Joke

If you and your friends are heavily involved in picking your own fantasy team of football, baseball or basketball players and watching their success from game to game, chances are good that you have some money riding on the sport. Why not purchase some insurance to protect your investment? That’s right! You can obtain an insurance policy so you won’t lose out if one of your team members is injured in real life.

A Bigger, Happier, Family Than You Expected

Having one baby can cause a financial jolt, but imagine how much more powerful that jolt would be if you found out that you were having two, three or even four bouncing babies. As long as you and your partner are not involved in fertility treatments, you can buy a policy that pays you a lump sum if you learn that you will soon have twins, triplets or even quadruplets. Of course, you need to have purchased the policy before you get the news of multiple births.

Coverage Against Kidnapping

If you travel to certain countries in the developing world, you run a real risk of being kidnapped for ransom. This practice has become an increasingly popular means of making money for unscrupulous pirates, terrorists and just plain criminals. To protect yourself, you can purchase kidnap and ransom insurance, which will pay the costs of expert negotiators, travel and even the ransom that may set you free and enable you to head back to the safety of home.

Score a Hole-in-One With Golf Insurance

Believe it or not, golf balls that are hit hard and stray from their intended destination can do a lot of damage. If you spend a lot of time on the links, particularly in Asia, it might be in your best interest to compare insurance rates and find a golf insurance policy that will cover you while you are abroad. When you’re in the U.S., your homeowners policy should help to pay for property damage or medical expenses caused by that out-of-control ball.

Critter Coverage

If you are a frequent traveler, you might encounter the great misfortune of carrying unwanted guests back home in the form of creepy, disease-causing bedbugs. These nasty little creatures are difficult to completely exterminate; you may shell out well over $1,000 in the process. If you spend a good deal of time in hotels, bed and breakfasts or hostels where these vermin can often be found, adding a bedbug rider to your travel insurance policy might be one of the best things you ever did.

The moral of the story is this: If people buy it, create it, play it or harbor it, there is probably an insurance policy that protects you. Just be sure you compare insurance rates before you sign up for any of these wacky policies. They might be crazy, but they don’t need to be insanely expensive.

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